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37 Best Gift Ideas for Parents (Best Birthday Gifts, Useful presents for Mom & Dad)

37 Best Gift Ideas for Parents (Best Birthday Gifts, Useful presents for Mom & Dad)

One of the best ways to repay your elderly parents or grandparents is by providing them with the comfort they need for their ageing bodies. 

Have no idea what gifts to get for your elders? Give them gifts they can rely on! Whether for birthdays, anniversaries, or celebrating the little things in life, these gifts are plenty to express your love for your elders. 

To make your gift-searching easier, we have assembled several lists that may have what you are looking for!

Check out these five lists! Click and they’ll bring you there. 

    10 Comfy Gifts for Quality Sleep for Mom and Dad

    10 Comfy Gifts for Quality Sleep for Mom and Dad

    2 Function Wooden Electric Home Care Bed

    1) 2 Function Wooden Electric Home Care Bed

    If you’re looking for a really comfortable and beautiful bed, this electric reclining bed is made of solid wood and a high-quality motor system that comes from Germany. This electric bed promises a strong and safe structure for daily lifestyle usage. Take a nap, watch dramas, all can be done in comfort thanks to this aesthetically pleasing bed!

    It also comes with a soft, spring-free, absorbent mattress specifically designed to adjust to the user’s needs, making it perfect for elders and bedridden patients. 


    Recline and Lift Autochair

    2) Recline and Lift Autochair

    The Ontario Lift Chair offers the height of comfort. It replaces the handles of these lift chairs with a remote, allowing the user to easily operate it while reclining in comfort. 

    Anyone will find it difficult to get up from this relaxing chair. Don’t fret though, it’ll help you back up on your feet. This is what makes it different from the other lift chairs. It assists the user to stand back up! Now that’s something you do not see or use every day.


    Sentida 6 Mobile Nursing Care Bed

    3) Sentida 6 | Mobile Nursing Care Bed 

    Bring the convenience of a hospital bed to the comforts of your own home with this mobile bed! This top notch bed is height-adjustable and comes with a pre-programmed seating position that offers its users maximum comfort when doing their daily necessities and activities. It makes things easy for caretakers and patients alike.

    Don’t fret about falling off the bed as it comes fixed with a SafeFree Flex side rail! This nursing care bed also comes with an interesting add-on which is its Night light function. It lights up the area around the bed, giving assurance to people who need some help in the dark or just some soft light to accompany them in sleep.


      3V Foldable Lazy Chair

    4) 3V Foldable Lazy Chair

    The classic 3V lazy chair, the one that makes the familiar reclining squeak as you lay back on it. This lazy chair has two variations, round string and flat string. Same comfort, different strings. 

    Though if you compare it to the standard lazy chairs in Malaysia, these chairs come with an ergonomic backrest! Providing your neck with ample support. 


    Reposition Belt (Help Mom and Dad get out of bed easily and painlessly)

    5) Reposition Belt (Help Mom and Dad get out of bed easily and painlessly)

    Bedsores (or Pressure ulcers) are injuries to the skin, mainly caused by prolonged pressure on the skin. To help prevent bedsores, this reposition belt can help your parents in multiple ways.

    It can help them change positions in bed, help them sit up, and is useful for keeping them in place while checking their skin for redness or bedsores.


    6) Adjustable Steel Frame Backrest with Pillow

    Is a pillow too soft to rest their backs against or their headboard too hard? You should get this adjustable backrest that has a sturdy metal frame with a fabric back. 

    It helps in posture correction and back pain relief, a must have in this day and age. Ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time in bed due to illness, mobility difficulties or injuries.


    7) Mattress Overlay | Treat-Eezi 

    Designed to help enhance comfort for your sleeping experience, what makes this particular overlay special? This mattress overlay is made to treat patients that have or are susceptible to pressure sores! Budget-friendly, soft, and the easiest method to help these patients sleep anywhere in comfort. Conveniently so, this overlay can be transported easily due to its size! It’s so simple yet effective.


    8) Famica Fall Prevention Safety Bedrail 

    Everyone has that fear of rolling off their bed when asleep. Have no fear for this bedrail will keep them safe and in bed. This fall prevention safety bedrail manufactured by Famica has an easy installation process. 

    Worried about them hitting their head on the bed rail? No need to worry because it is covered with a soft cushion that will protect their head. It also provides extra support for your parents for when they get in and out of bed.


    9) Height Adjustable Overbed Table 

    Ever wanted to serve your parents breakfast in bed? With an adjustable table that goes over their bed, it will be possible. If they need a stable surface to do their work on, but can’t get out of bed? This is perfect for them. 

    This overbed table consists of a laminated wood grain top, making it satisfying to touch, and is easily maneuverable with its wheels.


    10) Aqua Pillow (XL Size)

    Finding the right bed pillow for a good night’s rest is one of the best feelings in the world. No matter hot or cold, the Aqua pillow will ensure their comfort and provide them with the best rest as they sleep. 

    With its adjustable height, this pillow will protect them from getting those awful stiff necks when they wake up. Gift wrap is also included for this comfy pillow!


    6 Perfect Gifts For Active Parents Who Love The Outdoors

    Sport Wheelchair

    1) Sport Wheelchair 

    Wheelchairs do not have to be viewed as an item of weakness, instead they should be viewed as an item of strength. They help make it possible for people with disabilities and the elderly to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle! With that said, why not get a sports wheelchair? 

    These lightweight sport wheelchairs can help them maintain a healthy and active lifestyle thanks to it being made of ultra-light materials such as aluminum.


    Lightweight Travel Wheelchair | Kawamura

    2) Lightweight Travel Wheelchair | Kawamura 

    Age and disabilities should not be a reason to keep someone from travelling! There will always be solutions to fix that problem, such as this wheelchair made for travel. 

    Easily foldable, compact, lightweight and a safety belt, this is one of the best travel wheelchairs you can get for your loved one who has a taste for adventure.


    Aluminum Rollator Red

    3) Aluminum Rollator Red 

    The difference between a rollator and a walker is that rollators come with seats, providing more support and mobility for long distance travels! You can get your steps in and have a seat to rest on when needed.

    This lightweight rollator is easily collapsible and supports its user’s back, making long distance travels and jogging easier. It even comes with a cane holder and a cup holder for on the go convenience!


    Foldable Pedal Exercise

    4) Foldable Pedal Exercise

    Unable to go outside but still want to keep your legs moving? This foldable pedal exercise will keep your parents’ feet moving while remaining in the safety of their home. 

    It can help keep their feet active while doing their day-to-day tasks, ensuring their feet and legs do not go numb from lack of movement!


    Fitness Air Walker

    5) Fitness Air Walker

    If your parents’ are looking for a machine to keep their bodies in tip top shape, consider this fitness air walker for them. It is designed to deliver an effective yet low impact workout for its users. 

    So at the end of its use, your parents’ will have a great energizing workout instead of a tiring one. As long as they exercise within their limits, your parents’ can strengthen their muscles and enhance joint mobility.


    Theraband Resistance Band

    6) Theraband Resistance Band

    If you are looking for a light and small exercise equipment for your parents’, try out resistance bands. To shed some light on what these are, they are used in resistance training which is a form of exercise that increases muscular strength and endurance! 

    Resistance bands can improve one’s daily life, improve their athleticism, and decrease the risk of heart disease with regular training. You do not have to worry about this band snapping on your parents’ mid-exercise as they are made with the highest quality natural rubber latex.


    9 Lovely Gifts for your Parents' Self-Care

    10 Lovely Gifts for your Parents' Self-Care

    Geniesori Personal Sound Amplifier

    1) Geniesori Personal Sound Amplifier

    As we get older, we start to lose our hearing senses and need to turn up the volume on our devices to hear properly. Surprise your parents’ with a Geniesori Personal Sound Amplifier! It supports Bluetooth allowing the user to easily connect to their smartphones and TV, allowing the volume from the device to be heard crystal clear to your parents’. To top it off, your parents can bring it anywhere with them as it is pocket-sized, letting them incorporate this device in their daily life.


    Customizable Care Gift Pack, a Goodie Bag Ready to be Opened

    2) Customizable Care Gift Pack, a Goodie Bag Ready to be Opened!

    If you’re racking your brains over what to give, why not go for a customizable care package? Several goodies in one delightful box, bow-tied and ready to be given to your parents. We have a wide selection of self-care products that they are sure to enjoy such as a hot/cool pack, face masks, vitamin C tablets, etc.

    We also offer door to door delivery in Malaysia and overseas delivery too for this package!


    Eyup Sabri Tuncer, Hygienic Aromatherapy

    3) Eyup Sabri Tuncer, Hygienic Aromatherapy!

    Aromatherapy is a therapy method that relies on a person’s sense of smell. People can use certain scents to help relieve pain, stress and improve one’s mood. For example, lavender is one of the most popular scents because it promotes relaxation and is believed to treat anxiety, insomnia, etc! 

    What better way to help with your parents’ self-care than by gifting them products from our Eyup Sabri Tuncer line. Ranging from body lotions to shampoo, their line has a variety of scents for you to choose from. Not only can you smell good, you will feel good too. 


    3-Layer Antimicrobial Fabric Mask | Dr. Mama

    4) 3-Layer Antimicrobial Fabric Mask | Dr. Mama

    There is some skepticism about fabric masks and the risks they carry like will they be enough to protect me? Not with this mask though. It is positively charged with silver! No, not the metal, but a potent antimicrobial agent in the whole world! Research on it shows that it is effective against at least 650 types of microorganisms including antibiotic-resistant superbugs. 

    Even though it is made of fabric, its material is thin and breathable without compromising the quality. It has been lab tested to kill up to 99.9% of microbes and can last up to 100 washes! It will be a comfortable, safe and environmentally safe change.


    Inochisu Natural Enzyme Vinegar, Strengthening the Body

    5) Inochisu Natural Enzyme Vinegar, Strengthening the Body!

    Enzyme vinegar is not like your average household vinegar. It has a lower acidity percentage and has actual health benefits when consumed! To list some of the benefits, it can help lower cholesterol level, reduce blood sugar level, improve blood circulation, and stabilize blood pressure. That doesn’t even scratch the surface of what it can do. 

    This acidic drink by Inochisu is 100% a natural fermented enzyme vinegar. No additives, no artificial coloring, and no preservatives. All natural! It comes in four flavors Hawthorn Lemon, Bentong Ginger, TXB and Soursop Fruit.


    3 in 1 Beauty Kit

    6) 3 in 1 Beauty Kit 

    This is not your average beauty kit! It is so much more, especially since it is a kit that helps in maintaining cleanliness and enhancing convenience. It comes with a back washer, a multipurpose brush and a beauty comb. 

    They are far from the normal beauty tools though, they are made so that you are able to comb your hair and wash your back with ease.  


    Erom Seaweed Calcium Organic

    7) Erom Seaweed Calcium Organic 

    Our bodies need calcium to maintain and strengthen our bones. Milk isn’t the only option on the table when it comes to calcium! Seaweed calcium is just as strong and is proven to strengthen bones, teeth and bone density. It is not only suitable for the elderly, but also for people of all ages. 

    This supplement has a honeycomb-shaped porous structure which easily dissolves in the stomach, making it easy to digest and be absorbed into the body!


    TIGERUS MycoAid

    8) TIGERUS MycoAid 

    Mushrooms are more than just a vegetable for consumption. There are also some mushrooms that provide medicinal benefits, all which is included in this tonic. MycoAid is a combination of these four mushrooms, Cordyceps sinensis (Dong Cong Xia Cao), Antrodia camphorata (Niu-chang-chih), Lignosus rhinocerus (Tiger MIlk Mushroom) and Inonotus obliquus (Chaga Mushroom). 

    These medicinal mushrooms are well known as immune boosters. They are great for people who are often sick, lack exercise, or the elderly.


    Vitamin C tablets

    9) Vitamin C tablets 

    Want a more convenient way to consume Vitamin C’s that are not in pill form? Give Berocca or Redoxon tablets a try! These tabs dissolve upon dropping them in water, infusing it with loads of Vitamin C and giving it a citrus-y flavor. It’ll definitely change the way for anybody who takes Vitamin C pills.


    Raw Honey Candy, Comes in Multiple Flavors

    10) Raw Honey Candy, Comes in Multiple Flavors!

    Who doesn’t love sweets? But as people grow older, our body may not be able to handle too much sugar. This raw honey candy is a great replacement for said sweets as raw honey is beneficial for our health. It comes in four different flavours, citrus honey, tutti-frutti, pine sap, and lavender. Each of these flavours come with different benefits to our body upon consumption! For example, the citrus honey candy is packed with vitamin C and honey nutrients.


    5 Useful Health-Monitoring Gifts for Mom and Dad

    5 Useful Health-Monitoring Gifts for Mom and Dad

    Sentinare 2 Smart Activity Sensor CCTV

    1) Sentinare 2 Smart Activity Sensor CCTV

    We all want to ensure our parents’ and elders' safety, but what happens when nobody is there and they need help? Built with an AI chip and the latest deep learning algorithm, this smart sensor CCTV is able to learn and identify changes to health conditions by constantly monitoring the activities of elders and collecting data on them.

    The best part about this camera is that your loved ones’ privacy and security will not be at risk. On the camera screen, their bodies are replaced with stick figure animations. Even with this replacement, it can still provide valuable information about people’s behaviors. Adding on to those benefits, it has automated fall detection, bedside monitoring, smart facial recognition, and instant notification.  


    Rossmax Pulse Oximeter

    2) Rossmax | Pulse Oximeter

    Why do we need these monitoring tools at home? So we do not have to break the bank to go for hospital check ups and conduct ones on ourselves within the safety of our own home. Pulse oximeter is ideal for oxygen therapy assessment, sleep apnea screening, health management and spot checking your body. The interface of this oximeter ensures it is easily readable for anyone and its pulse rate check is accurate! 


    Accu-chek Blood Glucose Monitor

    3) Accu-chek | Blood Glucose Monitor

    The purpose of a blood glucose monitor is to check if your blood sugar levels are at a healthy level. One can never be too careful with a body’s sugar levels. Keep your parents’ glucose levels monitored with this machine made by Accu-chek, a well-known brand that is dedicated to enabling people with diabetes to lead a normal life! 

    Accu-chek’s monitor is proven accurate and has a target range indicator that will alert you as to whether your blood glucose levels are above, within or below range.  


    Yuwell Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

    4) Yuwell | Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

    High blood pressure is a common condition that affects the body’s arteries and if left untreated, can lead to serious health problems. It’s best to always stay up to date with what is going on in your body, especially for your ageing parents! Make monitoring their blood pressure a part of their lifestyle with Yuwell’s Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor.


    Orientation Dementia Clock

    5) Orientation Dementia Clock

    Clocks are an essential part of life, we use it to tell and keep track of time. This clock is specially made for people with Alzheimer's and dementia, and people who lose track of time easily. How does it differ from the average clock or the clock you use on your phone? 

    This Dementia Day Clock is solely dedicated to remind people of what they need to do and of what time it is without any distractions. It displays clearly the time of day, date and has up to 5 basic alarms per day and 3 medicine reminders!


    6 Helpful Gifts for Pain-Relief and Posture Correction

    6 Helpful Gifts for Pain-Relief and Posture Correction

    Yuwell Etens Intelligent Massager

    1) Yuwell Etens Intelligent Massager

    If a pillow massager isn’t for you, maybe this intelligent massager is! Place the two pads on your sore joints and get it started from its downloadable app. It has up to 5 modes of massage intensity, allowing its users to have a more relaxing experience that they would want to repeat over and over again.


    Soft Vibrating Neck Roll Vibration Tactile Pillow Massager

    2) Soft Vibrating Neck Roll Vibration Tactile Pillow Massager

    Who doesn’t like a good massage? Especially when it helps loosen tension and knots in your neck and shoulders. Vibration is actually a massage technique that is highly stimulating to our proprioceptive sense! In addition, it applies deep pressure to the muscles, making the experience calming or stimulating to the body. 


    BioFreeze Cold Therapy Pain Relief Tube

    3) BioFreeze Cold therapy pain relief tube

    Cold therapy is a remedy for newer and more acute injuries as it acts fast. If you do not have the time to apply a cold bag of ice or a cold pack to your injury, consider this cold therapy pain relief tube. It provides pain relief to sore backs, stiff shoulders and necks, and etc!  


    Shoulder Brace BackPainHelp Posture Correction

    4) Shoulder Brace BackPainHep Posture Correction

    Having correct posture is life-changing, but we just don’t acknowledge that because of the work we do and the way we sit. A little help goes a long way and this shoulder brace is just the help needed. It helps improve your posture and prevents slouching, training your body to adopt a better and healthier posture. 

    With a healthy posture, it helps reduce the tension and pain in your neck, shoulder and upper back. It won’t feel constricting with this brace on as it is made with breathable, lightweight, and comfortable antimicrobial fabric ensuring that you can wear it for long periods of time without chafing.


    BackPainHelp Spine Aligners (Insoles for Lower Back Pain)

    5) BackPainHelp Spine Aligners (Insoles for Lower Back Pain)

    Even though it's just to protect our feet, there’s more to shoes than we know. Did you know that shoe insoles actually help better your posture, provide arch support and enhance your comfort? If your shoes don’t have the right insoles for your feet, your posture and body will sustain negative effects such as bad posture and neck & back pains. 

    BackPainHelp’s Spine Aligners can help correct your bad posture. How can a pair of shoe insoles help with that? By giving your feet additional support and cushioning that gradually corrects the lower body’s point of pressure. They can be used in your trainers or jogging shoes! These insoles are made with an anti-odor Ortholite foam, ensuring your comfort as it keeps your feet cool inside while managing moisture. No more feet odor!


    Advancing Back Care Easy Applicator BackPainHelp

    6) Advancing Back Care Easy Applicator BackPainHelp

    It’s not easy to apply ointment on your back, especially when you’re in pain. Make it easy for yourself with this Advancing Back Care Easy Applicator! Fill it up with its pain relief gel and start rolling the massager’s roller ball head over your area of pain or tension. Application of certain pain relief gels or ointments are usually a messy act, but with the gel given and the way it is applied, it makes for a mess free time!


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