Nowadays, most of the elderly perfer to spend time watching TV or movies at home. This will cause the memory of the elderly is getting worse. Although physical exercises can help promote healthy and succesful ageing, regular cognitive activities are very important as it can maintain brain healthy and sharpen mental skills. It has been suggested that exercising the brain is one of the ways to reduce the risk of dementia. 

How should I do? Is there any recommendation? What is cognitive activity? What is the way to help the elderly to prevent the risk of demetia? How to help the elderly to keep his brain healthy?

The answer is... ... SliverPad!!!
SilverPad is a senior-friendly tablet that is optimised for use by the elderly by hiding these complexities. SilverActivities developed their own proprietary Cognitive Games for brain training with multilingual voiceovers. SilverPad also has a content management system that helps staff curate various types of content on SilverPad remotely. This saves a lot of their time and effort as the content is maintained at one central location and syncs in real-time across all organisation owned SilverPads.


Here is the demo video of SliverPad-


5 reasons why you should get SilverPad

  • Cognitive games adapted from research conducted on elderly (brain exercise category)
  • Senior friendly Design
  • Multilingual with Voice Overs
  • Asian context
  • Adaptive to their abilities


cognitive training silverpad


Cognitive training Silverpad Malaysia


Tablet requirement:

iPad is not compatible. Android devices only

Minimum tablet (hardware) specs

OS : Android 8.0 and above
min Display Size : 8 inch
min RAM : 2 GB
min ROM : 32 GB

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