The Perfect and Amazing Gift for Seniors and Friends

Best Gift Ideas for Parents Who Deserve All the Best

practical gift for parents

Whether you're finding gifts for Mom or Dads or trying to find gifts for Grandma and Grandpa who have everything, iElder recommends some gift idea for parents or grandparents.

This year, COVID-19 may or may not prevent the whole family from gathering together all at once, but a thoughtful gift such as home care products might still help everyone feel connected and stay healthy.


Are you facing on these type of problems and felt deeply disturbed?

How quickly time passed!!! The twinkling of an eye to enter Christmas and New Year. Are you have planned originally out with your families and friends to celebrate the festivals, but unfortunately encountered CMCO? Would like to look for gifts for your families and friends, but no ideas at all? Finding some useful and attractive gifts for your families and friends?

As a child, if you are unable to travel back to meet your parents because of the Covid-19 pandemic or unable to go back home due to work, are you looking for gift as present to parents?

Are you worried about their health as the pandemic still not under control?

When your parents' birthday, there is no any idea for the present? Searching for gift idea for your lovely parents?

iElder would like to recommend some gift ideas below:-

  • Yuwell Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor YE670A
    The blood pressure value is very important to our human health parameters as it provides the basis for the treatment of heart cerebrovascular disease. Usually, elderly need to check their blood pressure monthly, weekly or daily to control well their blood pressure. It is recommended to have a blood pressure monitor in every household.
  • Omron Forehead Infrared non contact Thermometer MC-720
    Good to keep 1 thermometer at home too.
  • OCA Comfy Cooling Cushion
    Sit long hours may feel back pain, OCA water cushion is a can improve your body posture. It also can reduce strain on your neck and back. It is suitable for everyone such as seniors, office workers and wheelchair users as well.
  • Adjustable Steel Frame Backrest With Pillow
    Back pain is the most common health problem. This back rest can help you to reduce your back pain as it will be more comfortable. It is a strong and comfortable back rest for use when sitting up in bed to eat, drink, read or watch television. It is also an ideal for anyone relaxing in bed or who spends a lot of time in bed due to illness, mobility difficulties or injury.

There are plenty of home care products suitable for our lovely parents as gift.

Overall, iElder wishes that these products are useful and helpful to you all. Take care of yourself and your family. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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