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The truth behind “OLD PEOPLE SMELL”

The truth behind “OLD PEOPLE SMELL”

Did old people always with grassy or greasy odour especially when it comes to elder care centre, grandparent’s living house, old folk home and other similar places. However, this uncomfortable odour can be difficult to detect on oneself but lingers on pillowcases, shirt collars and other such fabrics, is completely impossible to combat.

Many people are familiar with it, and commonly referred to as "old people smell."
Actually, this odour found in most of elderly is well-known as "Nonenal." According to a study published by the "Journal of Investigative Dermatology" in 2011, an increase of Nonenal is associated with aging.

What is actually means by Nonenal?

Nonenal production among most of the elderly is a due to aging process. As the part of human ageing, the deterioration of the skin's antioxidant defences contribute to the production of Nonenal. Nonenal production usually begins around age 40 in both men and women, and may be exacerbated by hormonal changes such as menopause.

As the ageing skin grows weaker, its natural oils become oxidized more quickly; this is caused by fatty acids, which are secreted by the sebaceous glands and react to the oxygen in the air to form Nonenal.

Because it isn't water soluble, Nonenal can remain on the skin despite washing, even remaining after several intense scrubbing. Therefore, the smell caused by Nonenal persists, even in extremely clean environments.

Is there any way to reduce Nonenal odour?
We can actually get rid of it by following a healthy lifestyle:
1.carrying out physical exercise regularly
2.avoiding personal stress
3.quit smoking
4.drinking alcohol in moderation amount
5.eating a clean diet
6.getting enough daily rest

Apart for that, certain ingredients can also help combat Nonenal, such as:
1.persimmon extract
2.Japanese green tea

Last but not least, the truth about "old people smell" is: it's a natural part of the aging process, and no one experiencing it should feel ashamed. Each of us should understand the truth on “old people smell” and combat along with elderly.

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