Tips on Transferring Your Loved One from Bed to Wheelchair

tips on transferring yor loved one from bed to wheelchair

How to perform the transfer safely, correctly and properly? Many people are unfamiliar with the correct method of transferring your loved one such as aging parent from bed to wheelchair or wheelchair to bed.

Here are the recommended and correct ways of transferring your loved one from bed to wheelchair or wheelchair to bed for you~~

Step 1: Introduce yourself

It will be good if you talk to your loved one before performing the procedure. For example, "Good morning, mom. I am Tim. How are you feeling today?"

Step 2: Explain the procedure

Get the permission from your loved one before beginning the transfer. For example, "I will be transferring mom from bed to wheelchair now, is that okay?"

Step 3: Perform hand rub and don gloves

Please sanitize your hands and tell your loved one what you are doing throughout the procedure. Encourage your loved one to assist you during the procedure to maintain balance and coordination.

Step 4: Bring your arm far across your body

Step 5: Flex lower limbs or both lower limbs

Step 6: Roll the client towards you by supporting underneath/ around the far shoulder and hip

Step 7: Assist client using arm to support under shoulder and the other around the hip

Step 8:Assist client to sit closer to the edge of the bed

Step 9: Ensure that client's feet are positioned well such that they will not be caught during transfer and tucked in behind knees.

Check for any potential risk of injuries:  
  • Stamping on your loved one foot during the transfer
  • Trapping of foot on the wrong side of the wheelchair

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