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*Free Shipping above RM300 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
What is ADL?

What is ADL?


You might come across to ADLs, IADLs and more while finding services for your elderly parents. These initials are often use by health care and home care providers when evaluating function and needs of the patients. So, what are they stand for? Let’s find out.

ADL. Activities of Daily Living refer to personal tasks, such as bathing, eating, grooming, walking and moving. They are the basic self-care tasks that we learn during our childhood.

  • Bathing: Wash face and body in shower.
  • Eating: Able to get food from plate into the mouth.
  • Grooming: Able to select and put cloth on.
  • Walking: Able to walk around the home or outside.
  • Moving: Able to change body position and move from one place to another i.e. from bed to wheelchair.

If an elderly is not fully independent with ADLs, they require assistant depending on their needs which can vary from one person to another.

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