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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

[CSR Free for Old Folks Home] iElder Beg Bug & Dust Mite Control Spray 500ml | Lavender

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How to redeem it for FREE for nursing home/Old folks home.

Place an order here and use our discount code BYEBYEBEDBUG to redeem it. Only applicable for nursing home or old folks home operators with 1 bottle 500ml for FREE. First come first served basis. It is include free delivery within West Malaysia

Limit to 80 homes. 

If you are not an AGECOPE member, pls feel free to join the association as a member

Please feel free to give a review on its effectiveness. 

While stock lasts.

When a nursing home or old folks home residents gets bed bugs they are more likely to suffer from a subsequent infection. Infections can rapidly spread at nursing homes if left improperly treated. Bed bug bites can develop into rashes and chaff causing bleeding and swelling, which can become infected.

Since a number of residents can come in and out of their facilities, it is not uncommon for bed bugs to be found on the property.

How bed bug infestations happen

  • Older Furniture: Assisted living facilities often allow belongings and furniture to be brought in by residents. Unfortunately, this may also be allowing bed bugs entrance as well.
  • Travel: If residents leave and come back frequently, bed bugs could very well be hitching a ride on their luggage. Similarly, with staff and visitors coming and going regularly, there are numerous other opportunities for an introduction of bed bugs.
  • Sanitation: Checking for clutter should be a daily task in assisted living facilities. Bed bugs may go unnoticed by residents and signs of these pests should be known and checked regularly. The longer a problem goes on, the worse it tends to get.

If left untreated, just one female bed bug can lay 250 eggs in their lifetime! That's why you need a fast-acting, effective solution that doesn't harm your family with toxic chemicals. 

What to Do

Currently, iElder with a donor want to give away bed bug elimination spray to old folks home and nursing home for FREE. This Bed Bug control spray is a 100% non toxic spray designed to rapidly elimate bed bugs from your home and keep your family safe from bites and harmful pesticides. It is highly effective and scientifically proven to achieve 100% bed bug knockdown in 4 minutes and 94% mortality in 24 hours.


  1. Non-Toxic, Safe To Use Anytime, Anywhere – including around children, pets and food. You can even use it on hotel beds and luggage to protect yourself while travelling.
  2. Fast-Acting – Independent US Lab tested
  3. Easy-To-Use – Just spray on surfaces to repel and protect against bed bugs (Pepijat).
  4. Quick Tip – Use the Bed Bug (Pepijat) Elimination spray to get rid of bed bug (Pepijat) infestations.


EGX 101 5%, Inert Ingredient 95%

Safe for Children, the Environment & Pets

How to Use
Spray Bed Bug (Pepijat) Control directly onto places where bed bugs (Pepijat) are known or suspected to hide (mattress, bed frame, furniture). Keep the bottle upright and hold about 10-15cm from surface. Re-apply as often as desired to repel bed bugs (Pepijat).

Depending on the severity of the case, it is recommended to spray on the mattress twice a day for a week. 

  • Spray 1 time in the morning after the resident wake up and
  • 1 hour before sleep. 

    Get rid of bugs fast.

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