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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

6 Wheels 2 IN 1 Self Propel Commode Wheelchair Blue | Fair

Original price RM 550.00 - Original price RM 790.00
Original price
RM 790.00
RM 550.00 - RM 790.00
Current price RM 790.00

Self-propelled commode wheelchair with detachable rear wheels

  • Powder-coated and six-wheelers
  • Powder coated frame
  • 5” brake wheel
  • 24“ rear mag wheel
  • Flip-up armrest with loop brake
  • Detachable footrest
  • The back frame can be detachable
  • High-quality PVC seat
  • Maximum capacity: 100kg
  • Seat width: 18"
  • Packing dimension: 77 x 35 x 60 cm
  • Net Weight: 19kg

Q1: Is this commode wheelchair can be pushed directly to the toilet bowl?
A1: Yes, the bucket has to be removed before pushing into the toilet bowl.

Q2: Height can be adjusted or not?
A2: Nope, height is fixed.

Q3: At what height of the toilet bowl it can fit?
A3: It fits most of the standard toilet bowls provided they had never raised the height of the floor to accommodate special needs. Some homes might have raised an additional one inch higher from the floor to ease the elderly transfer purposes.

Q4: The seat of the commode wheelchair is smaller than the toilet seat. How can I adjust or alter it to make the commode seat bigger?
A4: The commode chair seat has a front cutout which allows the front to better assess for cleaning of the private part versus the no cut out of the toilet bowl version.
The commode chair is made of a cushion padded. It allows the patient to have a more comfortable feeling when using the wheelchair cum commode for longer hours, having said so, on the contrary, the shape of the oval couldn't be cut similar size as the plastic version simply for safety concerns.
If the cutout is too big, the strength of the seat is reduced. It will appear as the weaker point when some patient have less strength in their knees and are unable to sit on the padded cushion slowly and always bang on the cushion can cause breakage of the wood-based seat over time when they bang on the seat heavily.
Therefore, we cannot modify this cushion into a larger shape simply for safety reasons.

Q5: Can change the tyres to pump air tyres?
A5: It is not recommended to change to pump air tyres because under hospital requirement as it will attract mould.

Q6: Is the height of the commode the same as a normal wheelchair?
A6: No. The commode wheelchair is slightly higher than a normal wheelchair. A normal wheelchair is 47cm in height from floor to seat, while a commode wheelchair's height is 54cm.

Q7: As the commode is used in the shower, won't the screw rust after a long time of usage?
A7: For long-lasting purposes, use an anti-rust spray which can be found at the hardware shop.

Q8: Can the big 24" wheels be fixed to the chair when the patient is seated?
A8: Yes. Big wheels are meant for self-propelled by the patient if they wish to move around themselves independently. Removal of big wheels is to ease the accessibility to the narrow toilet door frame.

Q9: Can this commode wheelchair foldable?
A9: No.

Q10: Can put it in a sedan car?
A10: Yes, can. But need to simply dismantle the backrest.

Comparison between white and blue commode wheelchair

Blue 2 IN 1 Self Propel Commode Wheelchair 18" (6 wheels)

(Current Product)

White Self Propelled Commode Wheelchair 20"  (4 wheels)
Seat width


12”, 14” 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”
Foldable to storage as a wheelchair



  1. Remove the backrest ( similar to the blue one )
  2. Remove the pu seat.
  3. Then folding up like a wheelchair.
Commode quality PVC

PU is easy to clean

Wheel 6 wheels; can dismantle 2 big wheels if wanted

4 wheels

Quality of metal Powdered coated

Aluminium and thus higher quality

Warranty 6 months on frame against manufacturing defect

1 year on frame against manufacturing defect

Features and Benefits
Product Specifications

Seat width (inch): 18"
Product nett weight (kg): 19kg
Maximum user weight (kg): 100kg
Front-wheel (inch): 5"
Back wheels/rear wheels (inch): 24"
Frame Material: Powder-coated frame
Seat Material: High-quality PVC
Seat Height (from the floor): 54cm
Seat Depth: 42cm
Backrest Height: 38cm
Wheelchair Width (including wheel): 64cm
Frame Width: 54cm


MOH Medical Device Authority (MDA) Registered
MDA Number : GMD37369658418A
Country of Origin - China


6 months warranty from manufacturing defects on steel, wear and tear is excluded

Shipping & Installation

Within Klang Valley - Free delivery.
West Malaysia - RM20
East Malaysia/International Delivery - Refer to the courier fee upon checkout.

Gross weight (kg): 20.86
Carton box dimension (cm): 77x35x60

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