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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

[Boost up Immune System] SialicMax Bird’s Nest Essence (7 bottle per box, 20ml per bottle)

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Do you know key factor that makes edible bird's nest a premium tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is not because of its protein, epidermal growth factors (EGF) or collagen (In fact edible bird's nest is scientifically proven do not contain collagen at all!).

Thanks to the evolution of science and technolgy.  We're now understand the efficacy of edible bird's nest is because of a bioactive molecule known as "sialic acid".

Sialic acid can be found in human body and selected natural food sources. It occurs in the highest levels in the human brain and in breast milk. For food sources, edible bird's nest contains the highest sialic acid, and its content is 65 times higher than breast milk.



Edible bird's nest has been proven with long history in benefiting human health. With biotechnology, we are specialized in producing the first functional bird's nest essence superdrink, by isolating the most important active compound - sialic acid, from the edible bird's nest, with our patented extraction technology. Through nano - biohydrolysis patented technology, bird's nest has broken down into readily absorbable form, especially the nano-sized bioactive moleclue known as sialic acid. This is to ensure sialic acid will be 100% absorbed.

One bottle of deYenz is equivalent to efficacy of 10 pieces of cooked edible bird's nest. Cooked bird's nest only give 10% absorbtion of benefits to the body but deYenz bird's nest give 100% absorbtion of benefits to the body. It is also free from food addictive and metal which make it safe to consume. Safe for pregnancy ladies, kids and elderly with high blood sugar concernsEnzyme hydrolysis method to totally isolate and preserve the sialic acid content from the bird's nest. Sialic acid is scientifically proven to be good for:

  1. Brain development.
  2. Beautifying skin.
  3. Boost up immunity.


1. Miracle in bottle within 7-14 days.

2. Biotechnology extract,fast and easy absorption.

3. 10-15% sialic acid, protect cells, beautify skin and nourish the brain.

4. Stable, intact bio-active compounds.

5. Removal of nitrite and heavy metals by proprietary technology.

6. No preservatives.

7. 100% fine feathers removal by ultrafiltration.



1. Brain

  • Brain development.
  • Maximize cognitive ability
  • Support memory and concentration.
  • Prevent memory loss.

2. Lungs

  • Help to relieve cough and get rid of phlegm.
  • Energy recovery.
  • Reduce fatigue.

3. Skin

  • Helps in skin rege neration.
  • Keep skin supple and hydrate.
  • Reduce wrinkle formation.
  • Anti-Ageing.

4. Pregnancy

  • Stimulate infant's brain development.
  • Reduce fatigue during pregnancy.
  • Help in wound recovery.
  • Improve breast milk quality.


1. Brain development - enhance memory and learning ability.

  • Sialic acid provides important nutrients for brain development.
  • The loss of sialic acid in brain due to aging is the main reason of Alzhemer's.
  • Edible bird's nest contains the highest percentage of sialic acids among other food sources.

2. Protect cells and tissues to prevent aging.

  • Sialic acid protect cells,tissues and organ.
  • To prevent the loss of cell collagen.
  • Posses anti-aging effect.

3. Strengthens immunity

  • Oxygen depletion weakens immune system and leads to viral infections.
  • Sialic acid protect tissues and organ from virus invasion.
  • Nourish lungs-increase body's oxygen intake.

Safe to Consume:
SialicMax Bird’s Nest Essence is approved by Ministry of Health, Malaysia (KKM). SialicMax is also the first and only essence of bird’s nest which successfully awarded SIRIM & Nano-certified.
SialicMax is manufactured in GMP and HACCP factory with multiple international awards and almost 400 food safety tests completed.


Usage - 1st Time 1 bottle a day. Take the best time at night before bedtime.
Usage - Maintenance 1-2 bottles a week. Take the best time in the morning on an empty stomach/bedtime.
Cautions Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.
Size  1 box 7 bottle, 50 ml.

 * Sugar content for 1 bottle of deYenz = Sugar content of 1/5 bowl of white rice.



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