Disinfection Service

Disinfection Service

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Looking forward to going back to work? But is the office safe for you?


The price list below:-

1) 0ft2 - 10,000 ft2 = rm0.30 per ft2
2) 10,001 ft2 - 50,000 ft2 = rm 0.25 per ft2
3) 50,001 ft2 100,000 ft2 = rm0.20 per ft2
4) 100,000 ft2 - 1,000,000 ft2 = rm0.15 per ft

We offer best disinfection services in Malaysia. Our actions are regulated by the National Environment Agency. We maintain high international standards in conducting our work

  • Carry out effective disinfection to our client.

  • On-par with international procedure/requirement.

  • 100% Non-Toxic & Alcohol Free

  • Leave no harmful effects/residues after disinfection.

  • Ensure highly vulnerable surroundings are reduced to least vulnerable for our client.

  • 100% customer satisfaction. You all deserve to know everything.

  • Our product is based on a new technology that kills bacteria yet is non-toxic, alcohol free and neutral pH, making it safe for a wide range of applications.


    • Non-Toxic

    • Non-Alcohol

    • International Certificates

    • Eliminate Bacteria less than 1min.

    • Latest Technology Equipment

    • 3-month* protection againstbacteria on treated premises. If there’s any disease case within the 3-month, we will do a complimentary service for you no question asked.

      All task carried out according to Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM) Guidelines