Fair Bubble Air Mattress (Ripple Mattress)

Fair Bubble Air Mattress (Ripple Mattress)

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Mattress (Bubble Type):

  1. Material: PVC 3PLY
  2. Thickness:0.3-0.4mm
  3. Size:200CM*90CM*7CM( inflated) 4.1bag of special glue; 5.Cell No.: 135pcs


  1. Size: 18.5X11.0X8.5cm
  2. Weight:1.0kgs
  3. Voltage: AC 220/230V/110V
  4. Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
  5. Power:10W
  6. Pressure range: 15-20kpa (115-150mmHg)
  7. Air output:5.0-5.5L/minute
  8. Cycle time: 8-10 minutes
  9. Size: 21.5*12*8.5

120kg max user capacity



MOH MDA Product Registration Number: GA4618920-41541



  • One year warranty against manufacturer defects on pump excluding wear and tear of consumables such as plastic or filter or diaphragm.
  • One week warranty of mattress from date of purchase.