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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

Geniesori Personal Sound Hearing Amplifier

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The video introduces our products and expresses the story of grandfather and granddaughter. The granddaughter is surprised by the grandfather who turns on the volume of the TV loudly because he can't hear it well. However, after the grandfather wears GENIESORI Personal Sound Amplifier, he can listen to TV well without turning up the volume, so he can enjoy TV with his family.

It is proven that as we grow older, our ageing body starts changing once again. Hearing loss is one of those many changes.

Hearing Loss renders our elders unable to understand what others are saying, miss out on conversations and be shut out of life, affecting their everyday lives.

If your elderly parents hearing loss is not severe, here at iElder we have a tool that can help. This personal sound amplifier will be able to help. Compact, easy to use, and has a Bluetooth function, this tool will help the elderly hear things again.

It is significantly cheaper than hearing aids too. Geniesori Sound Amplifier is a patented, self-replicating technology that makes the hard-to-understand sounds sound neat.
To give you an example, this is what hearing loss can sound like. My voice will be muffled. But upon using this device, you’ll be able to hear me.

Are you upset because you can't hear all the different sounds in your daily life?

amplifier for seniors

Hearing loss among the elderly is a silent epidemic, so to speak.

Statistics show that about half of people over 75 have trouble hearing. But very few- maybe 15% of these people do anything about it. That means that millions of older people are walking around with little or no idea of what others are saying, even though help is available. They are not simply missing out on some interesting conversations; they can be shut out of life. Conversations become a chore and eventually, social gatherings, religious services, and movies are no longer fun. As a result, they begin to withdraw and often become isolated, irritable and depressed. 

If your elderly parents' hearing loss is not severe, the personal sound amplifier can help. These pocket talkers sometimes called, are about the size of a deck of cards and easy to use. The elderly can pull it out of his pocket, place it on the dinner table, and slip on a small earphone. This is significantly cheaper than hearing aids. This can communicate more clearly with elderly parents with a personal sound amplifier. 

GENIESORI Sound Amplifier is a patented, self-replicating technology that makes hard-to-understand sounds sound neat.

The ability to expand the range of notes has exceeded the limits of traditional (existing) hearing aids.

Recommended for these people!

  • Anyone who wants a clear voice amplification function.
  • Anyone who wants to be free to listen to the sounds of various devices.
  • Banks, public institutions, etc. with many elderly visitors.
  • Hospitals, sanatoriums, etc. that want to communicate smoothly.

We deliver the best sound quality for you.

  • Voice Amplification Functions: The smart amplifier's auto-fitting algorithm transforms and amplifies the sound, so you can hear sound clear and cooler.
  • Intuitive instructions: A simple, one-touch design makes it easy and easy to use. When you press the button, the colour changes to make it easier to see the operating state.
  • Set the tone/volume that you hear best: Each time you press a button, it changes to a tone optimized for your environment. It can be changed to a total of 7 different tones, so you can comfortably hear the sound that's best for you.
  • Supports Bluetooth function: Used the 4.2 version of Bluetooth. You can connect to various Bluetooth devices, such as Smartphones and TVs, to correct and listen to the desired sound.
  • Automatic fitting algorithm technology: This function uses up to 26 filter channels to create an equalizer that would have the best available audio quality (clean sound without any noise) and inter-band rejection.
  • Best Sound Quality Database - We provide 7 general types of calibrated sound for the user. You can select tones easily with just one touch.

Time of use: Up to 9 hours of continuous use

  • 1 hour to full charge, use for 9 hours
  • 15 FOR 5 (Charge for 15 minutes, Use for 5 hours)

Contains: Geniesori PSA, Earbuds, Neck Strap, USB Cable, User Manual


For Institutions

amplifier use in public area

Do you encounter challenges when communicating with the elderly in public spaces within your institution?

When someone struggles to communicate with the elderly, it creates challenges not only for the seniors themselves but also for the person responsible for the institution. Many individuals find it difficult as the elderly's voices grow louder and their consultations take longer to comprehend.

One amplifier per consultation table can be utilized to assist the elderly in communication with the responsible individual at the designated location.

amplifier for hearing problem

It is crucial not just for the elderly, but also for the convenience of the staff responsible for communication.

amplifier for hearing problem

amplifier for hearing problem

Suitable for face-to-face consultation.

With the assistance of an amplifier, you can effortlessly engage with elderly individuals in places like hospitals, government offices, civil service offices, libraries, banks, police stations, culture centres, train stations, MRT, LRT stations and public health centres and various public areas.

Features and Benefits
Product Specifications

Model: GENIESORI2 (HA1000)
Dimensions: 28.2(W) X 82(H) X 12.2(T) mm
Weight: 27g
Supported Frequency Range: 20~20,000Hz
Equalizer Frequency Channel Max: 26 ch
Bluetooth version 4.2
Sound source type: Microphone / Bluetooth input / SVS-T
Continuous operating time Approximately 9 hours
Battery Lithium-ion polymer 3.7V, 450mAh
Country of origin: Made in Korea
Certifications: KC / CE / FCC / TELEC / ISO9001


1 year from manufacturing defect

Shipping & Installation

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