GlucoDr Auto Glucose Test Strips (2x25s) (Made in Korea)

GlucoDr Auto Glucose Test Strips (2x25s) (Made in Korea)

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4 reasons Why you should consider Gluco Dr Auto

1st reason:

accuracy for dr Gluco Meter

2nd reason: We will only use GDH-FAD enzyme, tested to give reliable results in the presence of other sugar or oxygen.


3rd reason: Global Standard certification

stringent ISO for Glucometer ielder

4th reason: Wide haematocrit range of 20% to 60%. Clinically tested and validated to be accurate in low and high haematocrit levels from neonates to pregnant, dialysis and anaemic patients. 

Detailed Product Description

        1. Test Range: 20 ~ 600mg/dL 

        2. Test Time: 5seconds 

        3. Calibration: Plasma

        4. Battery: One CR 2032 Lithium battery       


This portable blood glucose monitoring system-GlucoDrTM and GlucoDr which is certified by "Excellent Korea Technology-KT mark" from Ministry of Science and Technology" and awards "KFDA Minister Awards" in Technology Competition of Medical Instrument, provides an easy, high-accurate, and reliable testing for diabetes. Through the use of semiconductor processing, micro-electronics and electrochemistry. In Malaysia, it has been approved by Malaysia Device Authority (MDA), Ministry of Health. 


Testing Instructions :


1. Wash your hands before testing.

2. Apply blood to arrow's tail on the strip.

3. Apply blood by touching the yellow side-edge of test strip.

4. Wait until the confirmation window of test strip is full then take your finger

    away from the test strip.

5. Result will appear on display after 5 seconds.

6. The used test strip will be discharged automatically by pushing the eject button on  side of the meter.

7. Wait until the confirmation window of test strip is full then take your finger away   from the test strip.




Blood Glucose Testing Equipment

Brand Name

Gluco Dr. Auto Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Place of Origin

South Korea

Model Number



Electrochemical method

Test Strip

GlucoDr auto Test Strip

Test Range


Test Time 

5 seconds




One CR 2032 Lithium battery, DC3V

Glucose Unit

mg/dL or mmoI/L


10~40°C, Humidity : Less than 85%


49.0 X 93.5 X 17.5(mm)

LCD Size

37.0 X 42.0(mm) LCD


20 ~ 60%


up to 2,500m




500memories (date, time, & event)

Data Transmission


Automatic shut off

After 5 minutes