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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

HOSPITAL GRADE DISINFECTANT | Sanitizer Antiseptic Antibacterial Disinfectant Deodorizer | iElder

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Paying attention to environmental hygiene reduces the risk of exposure to infectious diseases.

An ideal product must be effective against all bacteria and viruses whilst having a non-impact on the environment.

It must be completely safe as well as easy to use. Cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing a building is necessary to reduce and prevent infectious diseases. It is a repetitive task and iElder Hospital Grade Disinfectant is an ideal product for this purpose.

It is highly powerful and environmentally safe to use. It contains electrolyzed water with salt and is highly recommended and easy to use to clean, sanitize, disinfect and eliminate noroviruses, yeast and drug resistant bacteria in less than 10 seconds.

iElder Hospital Grade Disinfectant helps to absorb bad odour and it will not cause any discolouration on the carpet, wood surface, furniture and textile.

iElder Hospital Grade Disinfectant is a sanitizer, disinfectant, deodorizer. and a comprehensive anti-bacterial solution. It is highly efficient in institutes, offices and schools. It is capable of killing a wide range of microorganisms including the harmful kind.

Spray a generous coat of iElder Hospital Grade Disinfectant on any area or surface that needs disinfection. Wipe dry with a clean cloth. Alternatively, use a disinfecting machine to spray iElder Hospital Grade Disinfectant to disinfect larger areas or public spaces.

Active Ingredients:
Electrolysed Purified Water and Salt

Keep in cool & dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat source.

Features and Benefits
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Irritant
  • Non-Staining
  • Non-Sticky
  • Rinse Free
  • Eco Friendly
  • Child Friendly


  • Convenience
  • Water Conservation
  • Gentle Cleansing
  • Reduced Risk of Falls
  • Maintains Skin Health
  • Portability
  • Odor Control
  • Versatility in usage
Product Specifications

Active Ingredients:
Electrolysed Purified Water and Salt
Volume: 500ml


Distributed by:

Manufactured by:
Eagle Eyes Water Sdn Bhd

NOT: NOT210300846K
Exp. Date: 12 months from Mfg. date

Made in Malaysia

Shipping & Installation

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