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Hospital Medical Limbs Restraint Straps

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【Product Name】: Medical Fixation Strap (Medical Restraint Strap)
【Product Model】: Wrist/Ankle Type - Restraint Strap D-006-02
【Product Color】: Yellow
【Product Size】: One size fits all
【Production Unit】: Each
【Product Material】: Lamb's wool + cotton fabric strap
【Product Dimensions】:
Padding Length: 40cm
Velcro Length: 12cm
Padding Width: 13cm
Strap Length: 181cm
(Note: Measurements are manually taken, with a possible deviation of 1-3cm, which is normal, please understand)

【Applicable Population】: Intensive Care Unit (ICU) unconscious bedridden patients, cognitive impairment, behavioral disorders, patients at risk of falling, and patients with mental confusion prone to self-harm or harming others.

【Product Function】: The limb restraint strap uses cotton fabric and lamb wool to protectively restrain patients while increasing the comfort of the restrained skin, overcoming the disadvantages of previous restraint straps damaging the skin, and providing good restraint to facilitate various nursing procedures for patients.

【Product Features】:
1. Soft and comfortable
2. Built-in enlarged padding
3. Suitable for use on beds or chairs
4. Simple and easy to wear

【Product Highlights】:
1. Simple and easy to use (Velcro + Fixation Strap): The Velcro design is simple and convenient, and the back fixation strap provides double restraint, ensuring firm and reliable fixation.
2. Cotton fabric strap, suitable length: Comfortable cotton fabric strap with appropriate length and width can easily fix limbs to beds or chairs, and the strap can be adjusted according to the level of restraint needed.
3. Lamb wool fabric, enlarged area: Comfortable and breathable lamb wool fabric with protective padding, designed with an enlarged area to reduce local pressure and friction, providing comfortable use.

【Instructions for Use】:

1. Check the limb restraint strap: Bring the equipment to the patient's bedside, verify relevant patient information, and take out the restraint strap.
2. Open the Velcro of the limb restraint strap.
3. Positioning on the restraint strap: Open the Velcro and place the wrist or ankle in the center of the restraint strap's padding.
4. Secure the Velcro: Choose an appropriate tightness to secure the Velcro. (It is advisable to leave space for two fingers between the padding and the skin.)
5. Multiple fastening: After sticking the Velcro, it can be additionally knotted for further fixation, then secure the other end.
6. Secure the other end: Fasten the fixation strap at both ends to a stable bed edge or chair. (The restraint strap can also be pre-fixed on the bed, and then the patient's wrist or ankle can be secured when needed.)

【Precautions for Using Restraint Straps】:
1. Patients who are thin or have local blood circulation disorders should be protected.
2. Tie the restraint strap with a slip knot. The tightness should allow the patient's limbs to be secure but not affect blood circulation, and should allow the insertion of one or two fingers.
3. The restraint strap should be fastened to the bed edge, head of the bed, or chair (restraint vest), not to the bed rail.
4. Check on the patient every 15-30 minutes, loosen the restraint strap every 2 hours for 15-30 minutes.
5. Loosen the restraint strap when turning or moving the patient.
6. Strengthen supervision when loosening the restraint strap to prevent accidents.
7. Observe peripheral circulation: skin color, temperature, arterial pulsation, capillary refill time, edema, etc. If the skin in the restrained area appears pale, cyanotic, numb, painful, or cold, immediately loosen the restraint strap and massage the area if necessary.
8. The restraint strap should only be used as a protective measure for patients and should not be used as a form of punishment. It should not be worn for too long, and should be removed promptly once the patient's condition stabilizes.
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