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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

Hydrotherapy Home Spa System (Ultrasonic Bubble Massage Appliance)

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RM 5,700.00
RM 1,734.00 - RM 5,700.00
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Water-based therapies Hydrotherapy

Bring home the feeling of a hot spring bath waterfall bath and forest bath!


Hot springs in Japan are believed to have miracle cures.

ISPA(smart version of SG-2000) is well positioned to cater for the majority. SG-2000 has been proven to create the same effect of hot springs.

ISPA(smart version of SG-2000) 3-in-1 Hydrotherapy machine has 3 special features-Ultrasonic, o3 Ozone anion and Far-infrared ray which Sauna, Jacuzzi and other traditional spa don't have.

3 Key Elements with Health Benefits

1) Ultrasonic - Which are only found in spiritual hot springs provides internal warming within 10 minutes of bubble bath at 35-38 deg, for

  • Male - energises, refreshes mind, stabilises nervous system;
  • Female - helps dysmenorrhea, improves blood producing function, regulates menstruation cycles;
  • Children - helps growing stage, improves digestive function, enhances immune system;
  • Elderly - strengthens muscles & bones, helps produce new blood cells,

15 minutes ultrasonic bath = 3-5 km slow jog, Burns 300 - 400 calories

The strong collision of bubbles emits natural ultrasonic wave energy generating 15,000 micro tremors per second. This causes the removal of toxins from the skin and cellulites. Ultrasonic wave is able to penetrate through the body water and is absorbed by the bone, making it highly effective in promoting internal warming for optimum blood circulation and oxygenation of body organs, reducing joint stiffness, pain, and muscle spasm while improving mobility. It also aids in accelerating the healing process of bone fractures.

Maintains health & enriches life:

  • Firms, contours body shape, whitens & reinstates elasticity of skin;
  • Vibrates out dirt from the 5 mil pores;
  • Removes black heads and scales & cuticles, smoothens skin;
  • 5 mins = 1HR pro massage, massages 320 acupoints at the same time,
  • Relieves muscle fatigue, & rejuvenate

2) ozone o3

  • Reaches German standards of 0.05ppm,
  • Exposure to ozone & anions promotes cell activity,
  • Improves the body's ability to process oxygen,
  • Expedites the removal of dead skin,
  • Maintains smooth, soft skin,
  • Improves quality of bath water,
  • Disinfects 3000x more powerful than chlorine, removes odor;
  • Natural whitening

Ozone and negative ions are potent sanitizers and deodorizers. They can promote health in many ways including immune system boost, lower the risk or prevent infection by airborne bacteria and viruses, improve respiratory health, balance of hormones, production of blood cells and oxygenation. Ozone also has whitening effect.

3) far infrared rays

Improves metabolism, Increases blood circulation, Helps kidney & liver eliminate toxins, Properties for anti-stroke, anti- cancer, anti-aging

Benefits those with the following symptoms:

Stroke patients Insomnia, Fatigue & stressed, High blood pressure,

Inactive & weaknesses, Frequent headaches, Obesity neck & shoulders pain,

Gastric, Foot arthritis, Diabetes, Backache, Constipation and etc.

Modern scientists have discovered that some earth substances contain abundant far infrared rays that are beneficial to health. FIR is part and parcel of sunlight. FIR induces internal warming, dilation of blood vessels to promote blood circulation, increases metabolism and can aid in the management of pain and injuries. It also flushes out toxins from the fat cells while activating water molecules in the body resulting to excretion of harmful toxins.

Quality aroma oil for various symptoms is available.


1 year from manufacturing defect

Made in Taiwan

Complete Set Comprises

  1. GS 2000 Machine,
  2. Hose,
  3. Bubble Mat,
  4. Foot Bucket


Price stated are included shipping charges to West Malaysia

Delivery transit time within 7 working days


1. Use big bubbles(high intensity) in the morning:

The big bubble aids in achieving exercise effect, makes you feel energetic the whole day.

2. Use small bubbles(low intensity) in the evening:

Small bubble massage relieves you of the pressure of the day, giving you a sound sleep at night.



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