Japlo Biberon Feeder (Made For Elderly!)
Japlo Biberon Feeder (Made For Elderly!)
Japlo Biberon Feeder (Made For Elderly!)
Japlo Biberon Feeder (Made For Elderly!)

Japlo Biberon Feeder (Made For Elderly!)

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If a senior appears to have a difficult time chewing, they may have a problem with their teeth, gums or dentures.  You may want to consider to get Biberon Feeder. 

  • This product mainly deals with bedridden seniors who cannot swallow.
  • For the caregivers, you have more control over how much milk or liquid diet the senior will receive
  • It is convenient to the caregiver as it is easy to use and give more control

The biberon Feeder is appropriate for Special Needs Seniors with the condition of dysphagia or could not voluntarily swallow. Thus, the Japlo biberon can aid in feeding liquid diets to the Special Needs Seniors,

The biberon’s nipple is separated from the bottle by one-way valve. Once filled, milk or other liquid diet is detained in the nipple and cannot flow back into bottle. All the sucking effort of the Special Needs Seniors is directed onto the contents of the nipple and even the weakest movement will get results. 

Benefits of using Biberon Feeder

Reduce gas, vomiting and colic
The biberon’s seat system allows air in at the same time as liquid food is released from the system. There is no vacuum against Special Needs Seniors movement effort and air swallowing is avoided. 

Control of flow to prevent flooding
The biberon has a slit cut in the mouthpiece, which only opens when there are movement. Manual feeding can be controlled by simply rotating the biberon. 

The large nipple is designed to direct the feed and fit naturally into the oral cavity. You can gently squeeze and release the nipple in rhythm with if the Special Needs Senior require additional assistance. This will help to deliver a controlled quantity of milk or liquid diet into the mouth.