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*Free Shipping above RM300 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

Motion Sensor Night Light 4 units | ClinSav

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Motion sensor lighting lights up the walkway and steps up to the porch and makes it easier to see the lock and the doorknob.

One of the biggest risks for seniors and the elderly is falling, which becomes an even greater hazard in the dark. Imagine the challenge of having to get up several times a night to use the bathroom. As we age and become less active, we have slower reaction times and our balance begins to deteriorate due to reduced eyesight, ear problems, or suffer the side effects of medications. We need proper indoor lighting to age in place and live a safe and independent life.

Motion sensor lighting can be the answer now as it can be placed in the home so that it lights up the walkway and steps up to the porch and makes it easier to see the lock and the doorknob. This type of lighting can help prevent falls due to tripping hazards or sharp corners that need to be avoided.

The motion sensor night light is a wireless night lamp with motion sensor activation. No worries about wastage of charges in the mornings as they are only activated if the surroundings are dark and there are movements. No batteries are needed. A one-time charge of the lamp with a USB cable and you have a 3-month uninterrupted light supply. What`s great is that it has a fast-charging feature for convenience and when the charge is low an indicator light comes on to remind you to charge again.

The lamp will automatically turn off around 30 seconds as you walk away and with the magnetic strips that has been included with the lamp, it can be placed almost anywhere around your house, be it the living room, next to your bed or even in the kitchen cabinet. So convenient especially for the elderly and even small children.
The purchase comes with 4 units in a box as we know the customers will use it at many places as possible.

Usage Description:
Powered by rechargeable Lithium battery. Battery cannot be removed.
Charging: Red Indicator Light: Charging, Green Indicator Light: Fully charged
Modes: Just one button to switch the nightlight among three modes (AUTO/ON/OFF). When Auto mode is chosen, the night light with dusk to dawn sensor will automatically turn on when movement & darkness is detected within 3meters, and automatically turn off after 30 seconds of no motion detected. Never stumble in the dark again.
ON: When fully charged, the light can be on for 6 hours
AUTO: Lights up when motion is detected in dark (<1Lux). Lights off 30 seconds after no motion is detected. When fully charged, the light can last for 1 - 3 months depending on usage

How To Install:
No tools or wiring are required. With a super strong adhesive pad or built-in magnet, it can be attached anywhere. Note: Before using the adhesive pad, please wipe the wall first to make sure it is more secure.
Secure the strips on the spots you want the lights to be positioned.
Attach the lights to the magnetic strips
Remove lights easily when you want to charge

In The Box:
4 x Night Lights
1 x USB Charging Cable
4 x Magnetic Strips

Product Specifications

Rated input: 5V/500mA
Working current: 120mA
Brightness: 450Lm
Color: Bright White (6000-6500K) Warm White (2800-3200K)
Rated power: 0.5W
Battery Capacity: 500mAh
Sensor Distance: 0 - 3 metres/ 120 degree


Country of Origin - Japan


3 months warranty for LED bulbs and USB charging cable.

Shipping & Installation

Gross weight 80gx4=160g
Carton box dimension 10x10x12cm
Malaysia/International Delivery - Refer to courier fee upon check out.