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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

Paroos Portable Urine Detector with Clothes On (Yellow)

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It is a portable urine detector that checks when to change diapers easily and conveniently without putting stress on the elderly or baby while wearing clothes.

Why do I need to use a Portable Urine Detector?

According to an international study published recently, diaper wearers experience a significant amount of stress when their diapers are checked. This is simply because diaper wearers feel embarrassed when a caretaker touches their diapers to check diapers are wet or not.  This checking process gives stress to the diaper wearer and is also time-consuming for caregivers.

Using the portable urine detector PAROOS, you can check urine in the diaper without taking off clothes so it does not cause any stress to diaper wearers.

Furthermore, open and closed diapers may cause infection.

Some feedback from nursing homes commented when caretakers asked elderly residents whether their diapers were wet or not, sometimes, residents wanted to save cost and lied to say their diapers were still dry. Then it will cause rash if don't change it. 


  • For the Elderly (Senior), Disabled, Baby, Handicapped, paralyses person etc
  • Senior care hospitals, Nursing homes, Day Care homes, Hospitals, Homes, Rehabilitation centres, Special schools etc.
  • Who needs: Caregivers, Nurses, Moms, etc.


  • Checking the wetness of the diapers or pads without taking off clothes.
  • Enabling to determine the time of diaper change by measuring the wet area.
  • Simple measuring by pressing a button.
  • With no electromagnetic wave, measurable with clothes worn
  • Portable in the pocket or on the neck
  • Quickly and simply, you can check your diaper with the clothes on.
  • You don't have to worry about electromagnetic waves.
  • You can frequently check whether there's urine in the diaper.
  • Diaper wearers can ensure a good night's sleep.
  • Based on the wet area, it tells you if the diaper is wet enough and needs changing.


  • PAROOS is aiding nursing staff effectively in checking the wetness of diapers
  • PAROOS checks whether the diaper is wet or not at the status of wearing clothes.
  • You can manage multiple people with just one urine detector.


Yellow: The product works on clothes that are 4mm (0.16 inch) thick or less. Can detect cloth with single diaper wear on. 

Replace batteries

AAA Batteries last over 18 months when the product is used 24 times a day.


Features and Benefits
Product Specifications

Product size: L90 x W50 x H20mm
Material: ABS (Body), PC (LED window)
Weight: about 49g (Included AAA Battery)
Power: DC 3.0V (1.5 Battery 2pcs)


CE, RoHS, the products have been certified to meet product safety, health, consumer protection and environmental standards in the US and Europe.


1 years from manufacturing defect

Shipping & Installation

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