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Pelvic Seat - Ergonomic Comfortable Body Support Cushion With Veta-Gel | BalanceOn

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BalanceOn Pelvic Seat

BalanceOn Pelvis Seat is designed to enfold the pelvis and help it to rotate ahead for keep right position of the pelvis and posture of the spine. So to enjoy its effects, sit and make your hip(pelvis) to be positioned closely next to the back of a chair or sit as if you are lightly riding on the chair. Although the size of hips(pelvis) of users is different, Veta-Gel disperses pressure and the unique design of Pelvic Seat supports back of the pelvis.


  • Patented Multi-layer Honeycomb Technology, the double layer hexagonal structure associated with Vetagel, allows an even distribution of the body weight pressure: the blood vessels are not compressed and blood circulation is improved
  • High grade of Memory foam supports the spine to keep its natural S shape
  • The excellent elasticity of VetaGel provides Maintains a proper pelvis position
  • Air circulates in and out of each hexagonal cell making it extremely breathable
  • Anti-slip seat cover (NST 1000)
  • Made of 99.9% antibacterial material and can withstand up to 70°C of temperature without shape distortion


  • The blood vessels are not compressed and blood circulation is improved Provides an excellent sitting comfort and can be an effective prevention for muscular fatigue and pressure hot spots
  • Allows optimal pelvis position when sitting, thus reducing the pain for the hips and spine
  • Central Balance Hole (noseless design) )minimizes the contact area of genital organ and reduces given pressure on it and enhances air permeability through this hole.
  • Durable


  • Correct poor sitting posture to prevent distortion of the pelvis
  • Naturally straighten the waist, invigorate and refresh, increase the concentration of study and work
  • Protect the health of reproductive organs
  • In addition to long-term sedentary people, it is also especially suitable for pregnant women, hemorrhoids or those who have undergone genital surgery
  • One year warranty period


  • Painless Sitting Cushion by Innovative Air-Cell Veta-Gel™ Double-Honeycomb structure.
  • Ergonomic Design of Pelvic : It support and fix your pelvic softly as a “Pelvic Liner” with an ergonomic design.
  • Maximize body pressure dispersion : Veta-Gel™ Double - Honeycomb structure effectively disperse body pressure.
  • Minimize Contacted Area: Central-Balance Hole minimize contacted area with cushion and makes you feel comfortable.
  • Great Breathability : 20 Honeycomb Air-holes gives excellent air-permeability.
  • Reliable Quality : A study on “Veta-Gel™” was published in the internationally well-known journal “Medicine”. Also, it is officially recommended by the Korean Association of Neurological Surgeons.
  • Durable & Easy washable : Separable Air Cell Veta-Gel™ is water washable and durable.


Features and Benefits
Product Specifications


• Size : 45cm x 42cm x 11.8cm
• Weight : 1,290g
• Fabric : Polyester 100% (Coated : Polysiloxanes 100%)
• Inner : Air-Cell Veta-Gel™(Elastomer), Memory Foam


CE & U.S.FDA Registered
Made in Korea

Shipping & Installation

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