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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

EZ Fit Pillow Ergonomic C-Curve Support With Veta-Gel | BalanceOn

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  • Sleep tight with breathable and ergonomic Air-cell Veta-Gel™ EZ Fit Pillow!
  • Air-cell Veta-Gel™ instead of memory foam caused sweat and shape variation.
  • Cost-Effective : Excellent quality, but a cost-effective model of C-Curve Pillow.
  • Dirt Prevention : Dark color prevents getting dirt than white cover.
  • Ergonomic C-Curve Design : holds upright sleeping posture to increase the portability and flexibility.
  • Pressure Dispersion for Occipital : Veta-Gel™ effectively disperse occipital pressure and make your sleep comfortable.
  • Great Breathability : Outstanding air permeability by honeycomb structure & air-cell foam make you feel fresh.
  • Neck Supportive Veta-Gel™ : Veta-Gel™ covering whole upper layer even neck supporting area.
  • Short Sleep Latency & Perfect for Outdoor Use.



  • Excessive friction on the surface of the cushion may cause the cushion to degrade. (Making damage)
  • Do not squeeze/twist after washing. Place on a flat surface to dry naturally.
  • Use a laundry net when washing the cover. Do not soak for a long time in detergent, or the product can deteriorate.
  • If used at temperatures higher than 70℃ or in extremely low temperatures, the product can be twisted or damaged.
  • Do not store in direct sunlight. Do not use in Sauna.
  • Keep separate gel and cover when doing laundry. Do not use a washing machine for washing gel.(Gel should be hand washed.)
  • If a heavy object is placed on the product for a long time inside of a hot vehicle in summer, the product can be deformed.
  • Due to the nature of the product, if used without the cover, a stain can occur.
  • Do not use it for anything other than the seat.


Features and Benefits
Product Specifications

BalanceOn Pillow EZ Fit

• Size : 31cm x 43cm x 8.5cm
• Weight : 600 g (only pillow) / 920g (with package)
• Fabric : Polyester 100%
• Inner : Air-Cell Veta-Gel™ (Elastomer)

BalanceOn Pillow EZ Fit SLIM

• Size : 31cm x 43cm x 6.8cm
• Weight : 560 g (only pillow) / 870 g (with package)
• Fabric : Polyester 100%
• Inner : Air-Cell Veta-Gel™ (Elastomer)


CE & U.S.FDA Registered
Made in Korea

Shipping & Installation

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