Plastic Transfer Board
Plastic Transfer Board
Plastic Transfer Board
Plastic Transfer Board
Plastic Transfer Board

Plastic Transfer Board

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The Plastic Transfer Board provides a very lightweight solution of transferring someone from one place to a wheelchair or vice versa.

Whether it be from a bed or another seat to a wheelchair the transfer board is designed to allow the user to slide from one place to another.

The Plastic Transfer Board is made of a durable plastic designed to hold a weight of up to 100kg.

The Plastic Transfer Board is a must for anyone who is constantly transferring from one place to another and wants a lightweight board.


  • Size: 28" x 28"
  • Max capacity: 100kg
  • Contoured surface for easy transfer of patient along the board.
  • High impact plastic transfer board providing smooth


  • Provides caregivers of seniors, limited mobility, and recovering patients assistance when moving and positioning through the day; Durable ribbed construction for increased strength.
  • Easily slide board under user to move from bed, car, wheelchair, commode; or support chair; Supports up to 100 kilogram.
  • High impact heavy duty smooth surface reduces friction; Overall measures 8 inches x 28 inches; Compact design is highly portable and travel friendly; Strong yet lightweight for maximum maneuverability
  • No tools needed; Tool free design is accessible for all users of any skill level; Simple seam free design is easy to clean and sanitize
  • An excellent choice for care givers of elderly, seniors, feeble, or weak recovering patients; Assisted living tool helps support shifting of weight in infirmed, limited strength, or disabled men and women recuperating from injury