Rossmax Blood Pressure Monitor X1
Rossmax Blood Pressure Monitor X1
Rossmax Blood Pressure Monitor X1

Rossmax Blood Pressure Monitor X1

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Rossmax Blood pressure monitor

Rossmax, a leader in the global healthcare market, is committed to developing and supplying premium diagnostic products.


  • Cuff Detection
  • Movement Detection
  • Hypertension Risk Indication
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection (IHB)
  • Last Number Memory Recall
  • One-touch Automatic Operation
  • Latex-Free Patented Universal Cone Cuff
  • Large LCD size : 55*63 mm
  • Adaptor Socket
  • Lifetime Calibration
  • String Bag


Real Fuzzy Technology

Real Fuzzy Technology determines ideal cuff pressure based on one’s systolic blood pressure and arm size. Users no longer need to pre-set the inflation level before measurement. The technology eliminates arm discomfort through unnecessary high inflation settings and also prevents inaccurate readings caused by erroneous cuff inflation levels.

How do I calibrate it?

Kindly pass the unit to any pharmacies that sell Rossmax product, the pharmacy will liaise with Rossmax on arranging the calibration (usually 1 week + to 2 weeks time)


Why should you buy Rossmax Blood Pressure Monitor?

Rossmax Blood Pressure Monitor vs other big brand Blood Pressure Monitor (General comparisons)

1) Rossmax blood pressure monitor can be calibrated (recommended once every 2 years for Rossmax Home Use BP) comes with calibration report as Rossmax has the world first mobile calibrator. After calibration (tune back to manufacturer supposed algorithm), customers will always have confident in using their Rossmax blood pressure monitor as it will be accurate after calibration. The calibration service offered by our engineer is free for lifetime even after the 5 years warranty.

2) Rossmax has many patented technologies (ie: PARR Technology on model X5BT) able to detect specific arrhythmia (Atrial Fibrillation,AFIB & Premature Contraction,PC) which will increase risk of stroke or indicate presence of heart diseases where other brand doesn't have it.

3) Rossmax has a standard Universal Cone Cuff size (24-40cm) which is slightly bigger, able to accommodate majority of the large adult, other brand standard Cuff size is only (22-32cm), family members with bigger arm size cannot use it else have to spend money again to buy other brand large cuff.

4) Majority of Rossmax blood pressure monitor (almost all) comes with free Rossmax AC Adaptor, most of the other brand basic model does not come with AC Adaptor, wasting resources and money to buy and dispose batteries. Patient who own the other brand basic model needs to spend money again to buy other brand Ac Adaptor.