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*Free Shipping above RM300 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

Self Adhesive Wound Dressing, non-woven, Sterile, 9cm x 20cm, 25pcs/box

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Oxymecx Dressing - Self Adhesive Wound Dressing, non-woven, Sterile

Oxymecx dressing- Self-adhesive wound dressing is latex-free with pad, Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. Those patients who have abrasion, chronic, laceration or post-operative wound can apply Oxymecx self-adhesive wound dressing. The post-operative wounds are included heart & stomach surgery. furthermore, self-adhesive wound dressing has a Non-adherent pad that prevents the dressing from sticking to the wound. It has high air permeability to protect the wound from getting infection. Besides, it still can be used for small cut wound bruises and Iv fixation. The brand Oxymecx is under Connecx Sun Healthcare.

Features and Benefits
1. Non-adherent pad prevents dressing from sticking to wound
2. High air permeability, absorbent sterile pad provides a clean and dry environment, protect wound area from infection
3. Hypoallergenic, gentle and skin friendly. Special acrylic resin glue, suitable peeling strength that is gentle to the skin and also provides secure fixation.
4. Water-repellent spun lace woven fabric dressing can protect wound area from liquid so patients could take shower when they are using it
5. Soft, flexible and conforms well to body contours

How to use?
1. Peel off the release paper
2. Gently cover the wound with the pad.
3. Secure the dressing by pressing the adhesive side

Post-operative, Chronic, Abrasion, Laceration wound and small cut wound bruise

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