Sweden Etac Reacher Aktiv with hook
Sweden Etac Reacher Aktiv with hook
Sweden Etac Reacher Aktiv with hook
Sweden Etac Reacher Aktiv with hook
Sweden Etac Reacher Aktiv with hook

Sweden Etac Reacher Aktiv with hook

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This handy Etac Aktiv reacher with hook is a perfect aid for dressing and undressing due to the feature of being able to pull and push. Beside that the Aktiv reacher with hook has the same light weight and brilliant functionality as the other active reachers.

👍 Perfect aid for dressing and undressing

👍 360 degree hook rotation

👍 Hook can be set as horizontal or vertical

👍 Able to pull and push

👍 Lightweight

👍 Easy to bring anywhere

👍 Brilliant functionality as the other active reachers

👍 Comfort handle with index finger placement

👍 Magnet attachment to enable pick up small metal item.

Why You Should Buy This?

Felt pain at the back when bend down your body to pick items on the floor? Etac Reacher Aktiv have a length of 23.5 inches(60cm) which allow you to pick items on the floor or high place effortlessly whether when you are standing or sitting.

Have a very limited lifting ability and weak hands to pick up items?  The product is Easy to use where in order to grab some items, you just need your palm and finger to move and the grip will be strong enough. The jaws are lined with textured rubber cushions on the inside to securely grip items. 

Others Benefits

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Warranty of 6 Month




117 g

Lifting capacity, max

2 kg


Handle, and jaws: Polycarbonate/ABS
Jaw bracket: Polyamide
Tube: Aluminium



Etac Reacher with Hook

Sweden Etac Reacher Aktiv with hook
Etac Aktiv reacher with hook
reacher hook for aging parents

ETAC is a world-leading developer of ergonomic mobility aids for people in all stages of life – from small children to the elderly. 

Award-winning products setting standards
👍Scandinavian design
👍Developed in close cooperation (industrial designers, rehab staff and users.)
✅The product fulfills the requirements for safety, health and environment, and other product specific characteristics.

iElder offer a wide range of solutions for mobility:
✅ Innovative products for bathing and toileting
✅ Aids for daily living

The Best In Terms of:
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