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*Free Shipping above RM300 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

Kursus Pembangunan Kapasiti KPK (TCM) Course 自我提升课程 (中医)

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Make sure to seek out a certified TCM practitioner. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a valid and acknowledged practice in Malaysia, officially recognized by the Health Ministry.

The implementation of the Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) Act 2016 [Act 775] has prompted a significant shift in the local TCM industry, aiming for increased consistency and credibility.

Starting March 2024, every licensed TCM practitioner will be officially registered with the T&CM Council and granted an Annual Practising Certificate (APC).

This step ensures that the public can easily confirm the legitimacy of a TCM practitioner.

Course Subject-
1.TCM Introduction and Overview
2.TCM Diagnostics
3. Chinese Herbal Medicine
4. TCM Formula
5. TCM Clinical Study (Internal Medicine, Gynaecology, Paediatric)
6. Tuina
7. TCM Orthopaedic
8. Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Total Hours: 120 Hours
Date: TBC for next intake
Time: 7pm-10pm Everyday
Language: English
Venue: Virtual Zoom Class (link will be updated)

No examinations is required at the end of the course. Participants MUST achieve at least 80 % attendance to pass this KPK course.

For registration of this course, kindly contact 0163700288 MCMA secretariat for batch 5 intake.


Asian Integrated Medical Sdn. Bhd. (AIM Healthcare) is now accepting registrations for the upcoming 3rd batch KPK programme, with a total duration of 3-4 months.

The Traditional and Complementary Act 775 which came into effect in August 2016, makes it mandatory for all traditional and complementary medicine practitioners to be registered and those who are not, are unable directly or indirectly to provide service as stipulated in this act.

According to Dr Kong Why Hong - Founder and Managing Director of AIM Healthcare, “AIM Healthcare’s appointment comes as a recognition by the Ministry on the growing importance of integrative medicine which looks into a holistic treatment towards patient care for induced healing. I am happy to be able to contribute towards the transition of these practitioners that will create a network of professionals who are able to provide alternative therapies by incorporating integrative treatment to health care”.

Dr Kong is one of the appointed facilitators that is authorised to deliver the course under the Ministry for TCM. He is one of the elite few medical practitioners in Malaysia known as an Integrative Doctor with more than 20 years of combined qualification, knowledge, and experience in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Medicine.


 亚洲综合医疗私人有限公司(AIM Healthcare)现在正在接受即将到来的第三批自我提升计划(KPK)的报名,总上课时长为 3-4 个月.


2016 年 8 月生效的第 775 条传统和辅助医疗法案强制要求所有传统和辅助医学从业者进行注册,而那些没有注册的从业者则无法直接或间接提供该法案规定的服务。


根据 AIM Healthcare 创始人兼董事总经理 郭伟康博士的说法,“AIM Healthcare 被委任负责进行此提升计划,是卫生部对综合医学日益重要的认可,综合医学着眼于对患者的康复给予一个整体而全面性的治疗。我很高兴能够为这些从业者的提升做出贡献,这将创建一个专业人士网络,他们能够通过将综合治疗与医疗保健相结合来提供替代疗法。”


郭博士是卫生部授权的中医课程的指定授课专员之一。他是马来西亚为数不多的精英医生之一,也被称为综合医生,在传统中医和现代医学方面拥有超过 20 年的综合资格、知识和经验。


Syllabus 课程大纲

No Subject Title credit hour 
1 TCM Introduction and Overview 中医基础理论 12
2 TCM Diagnostics 中医诊断学
3 Chinese Herbal Medicine 中药学 12
4 TCM Formula 方剂学 12
5 TCM Clinical Study (Internal Medicine, Gynaecology, Paediatric) 中医临床科学(内科、妇科、儿科) 30
6 Tuina 推拿学 10
7 TCM Orthopaedic 中医骨伤科学 12
8 Acupuncture and Moxibustion针灸学 18

Number of  Credit Hours: 118 (40 mins per credit hour)

学时:118 (每40分钟为1学时)

MEDIUM: Mandarin 


INTAKE: 13 February 2023 (Tentatively, subject to min students)


Duration: 3-4 months


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (8pm to 11pm)

每星期一、三、五(8 pm至 11 pm)

Online zoom 网上课室


Compulsory to have Kursus Pembanguan Kapasiti (KPK) letter from MOH


必须有卫生部的 Kursus Pembanguan Kapasiti (KPK) 信函

LECTURER讲师: Dr Kong Why Hong郭伟康医生, his profile info 个人资料请浏览 at


OUTCOME: A certificate of Attendance will be given. No examinations is required at the end of the course. Participants MUST achieve at least 80 % attendance to pass this KPK course.

学程结束:将颁发出席证书。课程结束时不需要考试。参与者必须达到至少 80% 的出席率才能通过此 KPK 课程。

1. Send us copy of your KPK letter to prove your entry requirement. 
2. Once confirm, please fill in the Registration form at link here
3. Click "Buy it Now" to proceed with payment 
3. Email copy of your IC and copy of KPK letter to with subject title [KPK Batch 3 Registration]
4. Once closer to the training date, we will email you the training schedule and zoom link. 


  1. 将您的 KPK 信函副本发送给我们,以证明您符合入学要求。
  2. 确认后,请在此处的链接填写报名表格here
  3. 点击“立即购买”继续付款
  4. 将您的 身份证 副本和 KPK 副本发送至 主题 [KPK Batch 3 Registration]
  5. 一旦接近培训日期,我们将通过电子邮件将培训时间表和链接发送给您。
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