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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

Patient Transfer System Home Care Kit EZ-115 | EZ-GO

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A handy homecare kit for caregiver to assist in basic daily transfer needs. It can greatly reduce the burden on caregivers. Through the combination of five kinds of tools, it can help you complete basic transfer, home care, posture correction and rehabilitation assistance.

With the multifunctional light bag, you can easily transfer the patients, assist with their movements and rehab, solving the inconvenience of taking various assisted equipment and release your financial burden.

It's lightweight, convenient, easy to store, which meets all your needs.


  1. Separate: The kit includes five assisted equipment that can be used separately.
  2. Easy to assemble: The five pieces of equipment have various functions in different ways to assemble them.
  3. Extensive: Being able to combine with each other, making it easier for home care
  4. Multifunctional: The sheet can be used as a bundled backpack. (as the right picture)
  5. Storage: The bundle backpack can contain other stuff.
  6. Easy to carry: Lightweight and easy to carry.


    sliding sheet to transfer patient from bed to bed

    1. Backpack Sliding Sheet

    • Measurement : 150 x 90 cm (unfold), 42 x 33 cm (fold)
    • Material: smooth on both sides, antibacterial, waterproof
    soothing glove to transfer patient from bed to bed

    2. Soothing Gloves

    • Measurement : 48.5 x 20 cm
    • Material: smooth on both sides, antibacterial, waterproof
    • Position Adjustment, partial body movement

    transfer patient from bed to wheelchair
    3. Simplified Transfer belt

    • Measurement: main part 100 x 12 cm (within 34-inch waist)
    • Material: Nylon outside, anti-slip mesh with patent PER inside, eco-friendly and breathable
    • Transfer between bed and wheelchair
    • Assist in walking
    • Chair restraint

    secured belt to wake up from bed

    4. Secured Belt
    Measurement : main part 60 x 10 cm
    Material: Nylon outside, eco-friendly patent PER inside

    extensive belt to transfer patient from bed
    5. Extensive Belt
    Measurement : 80 x 4 cm
    Material: Nylon


    Why need patient transfer tool?

    Patient handling tasks are recognized as the primary cause for musculoskeletal disorders among the nursing workforce. Low Back Pain (LBP) is a regular occupational problem for nurses worldwide.

    Patient‐handling tasks are typically performed manually and often repetitively, and include such movements as lifting, transferring and repositioning patients.

    The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that nursing personnel are among the highest at risk for MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders)

    Patient‐handling tasks most frequently associated with low back pain include lifting and forced, sudden or strained movements (such as those involved in patient fall interventions).

    Continuous or repeated performance of these activities throughout one’s working lifetime greatly increases the chances of developing MSDs.

    Research regarding the impact of musculoskeletal injuries on nurses has shown the following:

    • 52% complain of chronic back pain
    • 12% of nurses report that they have left nursing “for good” because of back pain
    • 20% of RNs transferred to a different unit, position or employment because of lower back pain
    • 38% of RNs have suffered occupational‐related back pain severe enough to require taking leave from work
    • 6%, 8% and 11% of RNs reported changing jobs for neck, shoulder and back problems, respectively.
    Features and Benefits
    Product Specifications

    EZ-115 Home Care Kit

    Backpack Slider
    Size: 150 x 90 cm (unfolded), 42 x 33 cm (storage)
    Material: Double lubricated, antibacterial, water repellent fabric

    Soothing care gloves
    Size: 48.5 x 20 cm
    Material: Double lubricated, antibacterial, Water- repellent fabric

    Simple Shift Belt
    Size: Body 100 x 12 cm (can be used within 34 inches of waist)
    Material: Nylon outer layer, inner layer of environmentally friendly PER patented breathable anti-slip mesh

    Universal fixing belt
    Size: Body 60 x 10 cm
    Material : Outer nylon fabric, inner eco-friendly PER

    Extension belt
    Size: 80 x 4 cm
    Material: Nylon webbing


    Made in Taiwan


    6 months warranty on manufacturing defects.
    Product of Taiwan.

    Shipping & Installation

    Within West Malaysia- Free delivery.
    East Malaysia/International Delivery - Refer to courier fee upon check out.

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