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TUMMY FIT Tummy Trimmer

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Because of today’s sedentary lifestyle and food habits, saggy belly has become a cause of concern for most of us. People often say it affects their confidence level and lower their image. TUMMYFIT Abdominal binder helps to prevent excess abdominal muscle from sagging. This will prevent the skin stretching further due to fat accumulation.
TUMMYFIT is Bio-mechanically designed and scientifically proven to reduce waistline. TUMMYFIT tone up the abdominal muscle and eventually firm up the waist to give a better look and brings back 100% confidence in you. TUMMYFIT is an ideal abdominal support for office goers, along with party wears, post delivery, after cesarian section surgery and other abdominal surgeries.
  • Thin material – not visible outside on wearing
  • Air vent system – allows better air circulation
  • Full elastic – gives even compression around the abdomen and ensure reduced waist line
  • Universal size – fits all, no need for measurement, can adjust and wear as and when the waist line reduces