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Oxygen Cylinder Aluminium Tank Size E (0.7m3)

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Oxygen Tank (Full Set)
Refill Oxygen
Catalina Medical Oxygen Aluminium Cylinders is the lightweight and standard for ambulatory oxygen. Cylinders Size E are provided for mobility with standard therapy duration.
Size E is the most standard size for transportation. Duration will vary with cylinder size and liter flow. Larger cylinders are provided for stationary use. Once again, duration will vary with cylinder size.

  • 0.7m3 (by water volume) aluminium cylinder.
  • Accessories included 1 regulator and 1 nasal cannula with trolley.
  • Oxygen capacity: 680 Liter 
  • Cylinder size: Size E
  • Cylinder length: 50Cm
  • Cylinder outer diameter: 11cm
  • Cylinder weight: 3.58kg
  • manufactured in USA



Depends on the patient flow rate per minutes:

  • If use 2liter/min, can last for 4-5 hours
  • If use 3 liter/min, can last for 3-4 hours
  • If use 5 liter/min, can use about 1.5 hours


Information Required
1. Prescription. How many lpm (liters per minute)? ranges between 1 to 5 lpm . Normally 2 -3 lpm for home oxygen therapy


Delivery Process

Delivery via lalamove. Please Whatsapp us to check lalamove fee. 


Refill Service Process

  1. Customer inform us to refill the oxygen.
  2. Our staff will collect the tank / customer can send the tank to our shop in Cheras Perdana. 
  3. Tank will be refilled at refill center and will be send back to customer within 2-3 working days or customer can come collect the tank at our shop in Cheras Perdana. Please confirm with us first before coming for collection. 

If you need to refill oxygen immediately, you may go to refill center at