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Rental for Syringe Pump TOP-5300

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A standard syringe pump for an age of routine pump use.
  • The range in flow rate settings has been expanded even further .
  • Plus visual confirmation of the pump status is now easier enabling more effective use in the ICU, the operating roiom and on hospital wards in general
  • Greater Range in flow rate settings
  • Compatible with other makes of syringes
  • Continous monitor plunger
  • Occlsuion detecting pressure alaram is adjustable
  • Non-Alarm Buzzers can be silenced
  • Retains Flow Rate and Total infusion Volume settings
  • Power source change alarm
  • Computer intergration system
  • External DC power compatible
  • Battery replacment is easy
  • Electromagentic compatibility (EMC standards)
  • Disposable syringes in normal sizes of 10,20,30, and 50/60ml can be used.
  • A wide range of infusion rates is supported (Max. 1500mL/h for 50mL syringe)

Syringe Pump TOP-5300


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