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Rental for Yuwell Suction Pump 7E-B (without battery)

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  • Portable phlegm suction unit
  • Streamline shape
  • Easy to carry
  • Heat release system
  • Circular negative pressure meter
  • Half hidden liquid storage bottle
  • Detachable power line
  • Without battery, it is plug in (home use)

Low noise, stepless pressure adjustment, streamline modelling. Oil free pump.


  • Input power: 90VA
  • Max negative pressure value: ≥0.075MPa
  • Pumping rate: ≥15L/min
  • Noise: ≤ 65dB (A)
  • Reservoir volume: 1000mL, 1piece
  • Working system: short running


Yuwell Suction Pump 7E-B


Rental = RM150


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