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Rental Yuwell Oxygen Cylinder

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  • 0.7m3 or 4.7L (by water volume) aluminium cylinder.
  • Accessories included 1 regulator and 1 (either nasal cannula or facemask) with trolley.



Depends on the patient flow rate per minutes:

  • If use 2liter/min, can last for 4 hours
  • If use 3 liter/min, can last for 3 hours
  • If use 5 liter/min, can use about 1.5 hours

Before you place order, kindly let us know consumption per min. 


Rental = RM50 per month
Deposit (refundable) = RM500
Refill oxygen =RM100 per time

Out of Klang Valley (Within Selangor) = RM100 delivery
Other states in Peninsular Malaysia, please contact us at +60122288472 to provide you delivery pricing.

Information Required
1. Prescription. How many lpm (liters per minute)? ranges between 1 to 5 lpm . Normally 2 -3 lpm for home oxygen therapy
2. Location of the delivery address

Rental Yuwell Oxygen Cylinder