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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
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Discover the Top 5 Wooden Electric Beds for Ultimate Comfort and Style

Innovation bed for elderly care

Wooden electric beds offer a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, making them an excellent choice for those seeking both comfort and style in their bedroom. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to the top 10 wooden electric beds that are revolutionizing the way we sleep. From adjustable positions to elegant designs, these beds are sure to elevate your bedroom experience.

We have confidence that advancements in technology can streamline the caregiving process for our dear ones. Below are three automated beds:

1. Comfort Seating Position Bed

 🌟 Elevate Comfort and Safety with the Sentida 6 Home Nursing Bed from Germany! 🌟

Experience the pinnacle of functionality and safety seamlessly wrapped in a design that feels like home, prioritizing dignity and well-being. Here are some key advantages of the Sentida 6:

1️⃣ Patented SafeFree® Side Guard Concept

  • Adjustable to 4 different heights
  • No middle post, no dangerous middle gap
  • Quick access to residents in just 4 seconds
  • No extra space needed on the side

2️⃣ 3-Stop-Strategy

Height adjustments from 25cm to 80cm cater to different accessibility levels for the patient
25cm = Sleep
40cm = Mobilization
80cm = Nursing care

3️⃣ Comfort Seating Position

Pre-programmed seating position for maximum comfort, ideal for reading, watching TV, meals, and activities!

4️⃣ BiNetic Patient Surface

DBfK-backrest + 11 cm
Double retraction for effective pressure ulcer prevention, ensuring comfort in reclining position

5️⃣ Integrated Bed Extension

Quick extension with a standard cable pull for divided side guards
Adjust bed length without any tools in seconds, providing added comfort for taller patients

6️⃣ Handset SafeControl®

Intuitive design with motion sensors and controlled backlighting for easy operation, even in the dark

7️⃣ PrimaCare 10 Mattress

14-cm-high, single-layer mattress with bedsore prevention profile
Cold polyurethane foam core for improved pressure distribution and comfort

8️⃣ Optional Night Light Function

Enhance resident safety with switchable night light feature, aiding navigation in the dark

9️⃣ SafeFree Flex

A flexible side rail concept offering freedom and protection tailored to individual needs

Invest in the Sentida 6 and provide the utmost care and comfort for your loved ones. 🛌💖 For inquiries and orders, reach out today! #Sentida6 #HomeNursingBed #ComfortAndSafety

2. Solid Wood Auto Reclining Bed

🌟 Introducing the iElder Auto Reclining Bed! 🌟

For over 5 years, we've been proudly exporting this incredible piece of home furniture to Japan, catering specifically to our cherished seniors. 🇯🇵✨

What sets this bed apart is its unwavering commitment to safety, meeting the stringent requirements set by Japanese authorities. It seamlessly blends the comfort of home furniture with the essential features of a hospital bed, without any of the associated stress. 🏡💆‍♂️

Worried about complicated assembly? Fret not! We've designed it with your convenience in mind, packaging it in a few easy-to-handle carton boxes. With our Ikea-inspired installation concept, you'll have it up and running in just 30 minutes! 🛠️🕒

Rest easy knowing the motor is of top-notch German quality, ensuring durability and reliability for years to come. 💪🇩🇪

Upgrade your space with the iElder Auto Reclining Bed - where comfort meets convenience, and safety meets style. Order yours today and experience the difference! 🌈🛌 #iElderBed #HomeComforts #QualityReimagined


3. Turning cum Commode Electric Bed

Looking for a specialized bed that allows for turning every 2 hours and includes a commode feature for easy toileting. What do you think about this bed?

  • L2120× W1000×H5000 mm
  • Material:Steel Powder
  • Coated,S.S,PE
  • Color:Wood or blue
  • CBM:1 M3
  • G.W:130 Kg
  • Max Safe Loading: 250 Kg
  • Backrest adjusted 0°+80°
  • Footrest adjusted 0°+45°
  • left and right 30 degree
  • RM5990

4. Rotate Sitting Electric Bed

Struggling to get up from bed? This bed can smoothly rotate to a 90-degree angle and gently transition into a seated position, making it easier for your loved one to stand up. 💪🛏️

  • L2120× W1000×H450-740
  • mm Material:Steel Powder
  • Coated,S.S,PE
  • Color:Wood or blue
  • CBM:1 M3
  • G.W:130 Kg
  • Max Safe Loading: 250 Kg
  • Backrest adjusted 0°+80°
  • Footrest adjusted 0°+45°
  • High- Low adjusted 450- 740mm
  • rotation 90 degree
  • tilting

5. Three Function Wooden Electric Bed

A wooden-framed hospital bed with adjustable height functionality, designed for home care settings, is particularly well-suited for both nursing homes and private residences.

  • L2120× W970× H350-630 mm
  • Material:Steel Powder
  • Coated,S.S,PE
  • Color:Wood or blue
  • CBM:1 M3
  • G.W:130 Kg
  • Max Safe Loading: 250 Kg
  • Backrest adjusted 0°+80°
  • Footrest adjusted 0°+45°
  • High- Low adjusted 350- 630mm
  • RM5990

Investing in a wooden electric bed is a commitment to quality, comfort, and style. Each of the top 10 beds mentioned above offers a unique blend of features to cater to different preferences. Whether you're seeking eco-friendliness, modern aesthetics, or timeless elegance, these beds are sure to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of relaxation and luxury. Choose the one that resonates with your personal style and enjoy the benefits of a truly exceptional sleeping experience.

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